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technical info  :  Acousticord Videos/FAQs

Click below to view short video clips about Acousticord installations and review FAQs. These videos are also available in Spanish if you click here.
review necessary tools to install Acousticord
quick checklist of what to inspect upon receipt of order
verify correct rib direction before installation
cutting Acousticord correctly is critical to the installation
review how to roll the material onto the wall
overview on how to install horizontal rib on dry wall
overview on how to install vertical rib on dry wall
learn how to properly seam the material
overview on how to install on cinder blocks or concrete
troubleshooting: shading
troubleshooting: gaps in seam
troubleshooting: bubbles
troubleshooting: too much adhesive
troubleshooting: floating fibers
troubleshooting: dark spot on material
troubleshooting: wrapping sharp outside corner turns
troubleshooting: star wheel "tractor" causes pilling
troubleshooting: rolling material onto the wall