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Zig Zag is a market responsive, large scale print with a matte/shiny look. When developing this pattern, creating the chevron design was the easy part. Keeping a matte/shine relationship, however, required a host of trials, special inks and in the end a unique printing trick.
Commercial vinyls perform best when they are embossed even with a very fine grain, but once you do that, even the special shiny inks are hard to distinguish from the background luster. So after testing many different applications, we ended up registering a clear, dull print only in the areas we wanted to be dull and made the edges of the print feathered. The overall effect is quite impressive and the feathered edges of the dull print give the illusion of a halo of light around the shiny, darker zig zags.

Four of Zig Zag’s colorways coordinate with Source One’s Levant.

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