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We went through quite the process of discovery when creating this design, which made the name Discovery seem only natural. Developing 3-D textural effects to enhance our prints requires us to make actual prototypes that act and look like the final effect we want. In the case of Discovery, we built a complex "Rube Goldberg" type contraption to wind layers of threads around a rotating cylinder. Once the threads made the perfect design, our original plan was to scan the actual strands of thread into the computer to use as the final artwork for Discovery. However, every time we attempted to remove the cylinder from the machine, all of the individual threads relaxed and warped, no matter how we glued or treated them. In the end, we decided to simply take copious amounts of photographs and notes and prepare the final artwork for the engraver on our computer. It was great fun to build and run the machine and discover all the new and interesting designs that could be created with just a few hundred strands of thread.

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